I am Ina Vildhjärta.

Warmly Welcome to my web page!

I offer sessions, courses and retreats on love, sex and traumahealing.

I am a psychologist, a tantrica, a love and sex coach and educated in the most gentle bodybased traumahealing of Somatic Experiencing. I offer my work on Skype, and in Stockholm and Linköping. Other cities on demand. 

I do all my work in both Swedish and English. During the autumn of 2017 I will launch a whole new webpage on English. Until then, feel free to contact me on any information and questions on my offerings: inavildhjarta@gmail.com


I offer sessions and courses for men on inner sexual leadership, love, power, polarity and traumahealing:



I offer sessions, courses and retreats for women on gentle sexual starting over, rediscover and recapture your body, femininity, sexuality, pleasure and heal your wounds:



I offer sessions and retreats for lovers on love, intimacy and sexuality. 



I offer gentle traumareleasing sessions with holistic tools from Somatic Experiencing and Inner Child Work. Serving to balance the nervous system and support the body to selfregulate and release what is locked in. 

”To be Free again. In trust to the world. That goodness Is. I no longer need to be constantly prepared to defend myself. I dare relaxing again. I dare Living. Enjoying. Take curious steps in the world. I feel trust again. I dare to love. I Am Free.”